Ellesilk 500 IPL Sensitive


The Advanced Ellesilk 500 Sensitive IPL laser hair removal system comes complete. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and it is traditionally what is used in salons. The same exact IPL The IPL is ready to use as soon as you open your package. No gels or creams, replacement parts or extra components needed.

Ellesilk 500 Sensitive is just that. Sensitive. This unit has the most control of all the hair removal devices with 8 light energy settings.

Will provide many years of treatments to the entire body, with no extra or hidden cost. Over 500,000 flashes ensures longevity of use for years to come. Some laser hair removal systems require you to use gels or creams to help with the conductivity of the laser. This latest technology does not require any gels or creams saving ongoing costs.

How the IPL hair remover works:

  1. Shave the area, clean and dry the skin, do not moisturise the area before treatment.
  2. Adjust the power level setting, recommended levels are 3-5 for hair removal.
  3. After completion of the hair removal session, use ice water or a frozen towel to cool the skin.
  4. To maintain smooth skin, use once every two weeks for the first 2-3 months, then once a month or as needed.

How IPL hair removal works

  • Intense pulse light systems work by firing repeated bursts of intense, wide spectrum light into the skin, reaching the hair root (bulb).
  • These bursts of light are changed into heat energy, eventually damaging or killing the root of the hair shaft and follicle so it stops growing.
  • Filters on the IPL machines are used to ensure that the light can be precisely targeted on the intended hairs as accurately as lasers, though, as the IPL equipment head is often bigger you can get much quicker results.


Weight 250 g


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