Permanent Hair Removal

The truth about permanent hair removal.

The truth is that hairs and hair cells are so small, there can be hundreds of hair cells and hair per cm2 in your skin.

This is why, when you treat an area, only between 50-70% of the hairs are actually active and “growing” at any given moment in time. The rest of the hair cells below the skin are dormant, just waiting to become active.

With this in mind, you can only destroy the active hair cells, and only when they are active.

This is why you need to repeat the hair removal process every few weeks to achieve a satisfactory complete hair removal reduction. Over the first few months, you will destroy all existing active hair cells, and any newly active hair cells. After the first few months, you should be able to reduce your treatment time to monthly or every six weeks. Some people go for months with no growth. It is a very individual result, which strongly is determined by your own personal hair growth cycles.

In the old days the term “permanent hair removal” was all the rage. The reality is, yes… it is permanent hair removal of any existing hairs, but it does not mean that new hairs wont grow to replace the old ones. New hairs will always appear. 

Because the new hairs are so small it can look like the old hairs growing back, but it is not. These new hairs are brand new hairs, not old hairs regrowing. 

No matter what type of hair removal you use, you will always experience this. 

Fig 1. - IPL broad light beam
sensitive treatment phases image
Fig 2. - Laser narrow light beam

No matter if you use 808 lasers or an Intense Pulse Light device, the exact same result can be achieved. Using lasers is traditionally a much slower process because it uses a single concentrated beam (fig 2.) of laser light (approx 1mm wide) to burn each hair individually. 

IPL uses a broad array of light (approx 30mm wide) to treat a larger section of hair (fig 1.), so the result is much, much quicker.

Once you have used both a laser hair remover and an IPL device, you will be amazed at the difference in the time it takes. 

But for now, from this article, you need to recognise these main points: 

1. IPL is a much faster treatment than using an 808 laser,

2. Permanent hair removal is achievable, 

3. New hair growth will occur, this is not old hair regrowing,

4. You will never stop new hair from growing,

5. You do need to repeat the hair removal process to maintain hair free every month or so.

If you have not already done so, please read our General Guide to hair removal