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500 IPL

The newest release IPL unit for 2020. The Ellesilk 500 Sensitive with an amazing 8 energy level

IPL Models

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IPL Hair

A hair removal experience suited to your lifestyle and time schedule. For the past 20 years


 Don’t worry, getting started is easy. If you have not used IPL before, here is a step by step…

How to choose

With so many IPL units available on the market, how do you decide which IPL unit is right for you? We have several units for you to choose from, all using the latest technology. Compare each units specifications to help decide which unit is best for you.

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IPL flash technology

We’ve worked for decades to offer you the best possible IPL solutions. Now, all you need to do is press ‘Play’.

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Revolution of light

We all want permanent hair removal. But when you talk about destruction of hair, you know it wont happen overnight. Read about Intense Pulse Light hair removal to learn more.

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